Estimating Link Screenshots

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Rate Library

Rate libraries allow you to enter unlimited Labor, Equipment, Rental, Material, Subcontract and Other (Misc.) rates. You can also create crews which combine several different rates into a single crew entry.

Item Sheets

Item sheets assemble resource costs into an individual task to determine the total and unit cost and total cost.

Bid Sheet

Estimating Link will automatically calculate the appropriate bid unit for each item based on its cost and markup which are shown on the screen. You can optionally modify the unit prices being bid to control cash flow and potential windfall profit by taking advantage of overruns and underruns.

Bid Sheet Summary

The Bid Sheet Summary window allows you to control your markup percentages in a variety of ways. You can individually adjust markup on each cost type such as labor or equipment, specify corporate overhead, profit, overhead, and more.

Trench Calculator

Perform trench excavation calculations by specifying the dimensions of the trench, it's bedding layers, and pipe dimensions to obtain accurate volume calculations.

Digitizer Take-offs

Perform linear, area, volume, trench, and count take offs using the built-in digitizer interface.


Print proposals directly from the Estimating Link. The proposal can be printed in several standard formats and you also have control over nearly every aspect of what is printed on the proposal.

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